I Took 10 Personality Quizzes Telling me Where to Live…

And the results are in! I used a list on Bustle that claims the results of each quiz are “pretty spot on” https://www.bustle.com/life/personality-quizzes-about-where-to-live

My results were pretty scattered, to be honest. So here’s what I got:

1 – Brainfall’s What US State Should You Live In?

I got Wisconsin???

2 – Playbuzz’s “Which City” Quiz

I got Manhattan, NY…I should’ve went to college there!

3 – ProProf’s Quiz on “Which US City Should You Live in?”

Portland, OR (seems accurate, honestly).

4 – Quizony’s quiz “Which State Should You Live in?”

I got Alaska…which I used to be convinced I’d live in, but now I’m not so sure.

5 – Quizexpo’s “Where Should I Live Quiz”

London, UK!! Trust me, if I could live in London, I would. 100%.

6 – TIME’s “Which State Matches Your Personality”

I got New Mexico because I’m “relaxed and creative”

7 – Kaplan Quiz “Which US City do you Belong in?”

Seattle, WA…hey, that’s where my brother lives!

8 – Magi Quiz “What City Matches Your Personality?”

Minneapolis, MN…and the explanation kills me it says, “Since your idea of a good time is pumping it up, why not live in a fitness-fanatic’s paradise?” LOL. Yes, I love running and hiking, butttttt…where would you hike in the MOUNTAINS in MN? Yes, I know there’s Lake Superior’s coast, which I do like, but still.

9 – My Real Personality City Personality Test (what a name…)

San Francisco, CA.

10 – uQuiz’s “Best US Cities to Live and Work Remotely”

This one was different in the sense that you pick topics that are important to you so with my top qualities of urban, rural, single people (gosh why am I alone??), religious, walkability, low crime, low traffic, affordable living, and educated in the West/Midwest, my top cities were Santa Monica, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Boulder, CO, Madison, WI and Tempe, AZ.

In the South and Northeast, my top cities were Cambridge, MA, West Chester, PA, Boston, MA, Albany, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, and Charlottesville, VA.

Interesting stuff…

I really am looking to move, so I appreciate that there are quizzes like this out there! I do not know where I’ll end up, but I hope it will be somewhere I love! For now, I just want to go sit on a beach somewhere and get tan.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post! Go check these quizzes out at the link at the begging of the post! Maybe you’ll discover where you belong!

Best of luck!


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