Hot Drinks to Match Your Adventures This Winter

Winter is slowly creeping in upon us which means it’s time to break out the sweaters, Christmas decorations, and big mugs for hot drinks! If you’re anything like me, you are so excited for the snow to start falling so you can snuggle up with blankets, hit the slopes, and do some winter adventuring. 

Winter is full of opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re skiing, snuggling up by the fire, driving through a blizzard, snowshoeing, ice skating, or sledding, there is a winter activity for everyone! I will be sure to post more on winter activities around Colorado in a later post, but for now I want to talk about a hot topic I am very passionate about: hot drinks! 

NOTHING fuels me quite like a hot beverage in my hand. I say this with the utmost sincerity. There are times where I’m working or writing and have to stop because I need a cup of tea. And if I’m driving to the mountains, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be sipping a hot drink on the drive. And although I do not live inside a Hallmark Christmas movie, I do enjoy a nice hot drink whenever I find myself by a fire. 

I have compiled some hot drinks that will match your winter adventures below. I know being outside is already the best way to spend time, but you might as well enhance your experience with something hot to sip on! 

Sledding – Hot Chocolate 

WOW. How obvious is this?! Maybe my obsession with hot cocoa while sledding or building snowmen came from the various snow days I had growing up, but it’s delicious. Hot chocolate is great because there are a lot of ways to put a twist on this classic drink. Not only is hot cocoa a vehicle for marshmallows and whipped cream, you can also go crazy with it and add candy canes, ice cream, or whatever else you think sounds good. Adults can also add their special twists to it as well, but if you’re like me, you’re happy sticking to the classic. 

Driving to the Slopes – Coffee

I live in Denver, CO and there is quite a commute up I-70 to get to the slopes, so for the hour plus drive, I typically sip on some coffee. Not only does it fuel you for the drive and day ahead, I like to think it also acts as an excitement juice. To heighten my excitement, I like to plan to stop at craft coffee shops on my drive up. For example, I have a coffee shop right by my house I love to stop at before long drives, but there are also great shops up the I-70 corridor that will allow you to get out of your car for a bit. 

Another great thing about coffee is that you can have it anyway you’d like! Some days I prefer lattes, while other days I need it black with a dash of cream. Choose your own adventure when it comes to coffee! But trust me, it definitely enhances your winter nature experiences. 

Christmas Tree Hunting – Apple Cider

Sure, apple cider is a classic hot drink for fall, but it is also a classic for picking out your tree! That smell of cinnamon goes wonderfully with the pine scent wafting into your nose as you hunt for the perfect tree!

Post Snowshoeing, Skiing, or Snowboarding – Chai Tea Latte

Mmmm. This may be one of my favorite traditions I totally made up. Chai is so good, y’all. After a day on the trials or the slopes, sipping on a creamy, steamy chai is just what you’ll want. Chai has become a staple of joy in my life. A prime example of this is when I had just completed an 18 day backpacking trip in the Northern Cascades in Washington, and my group and I stopped at a farm. The farm was surrounded by a beautiful sunflower field, and was selling chai. The first sip of a chai tea latte after 18 days in the wilderness brought tears to my eyes. Trust me, it will make any situation you’re in a little bit more beautiful. 

Getting Cozy by the Fire – Tea 

There’s nothing better than grabbing a book, blanket, and cup of tea when you’re cuddled up by a fire. Especially if you have some cookies, but I’m getting off topic. Anyway, tea is the perfect drink to have by your side. The best thing about tea are all the different kinds! You can have wild berry, ginger, peppermint, green tea, green tea with jasmine, earl gray, chamomile, english breakfast, blueberry, lemon zinger, throat coat, etc, etc, etc. There truly is a kind of tea for everyone. And if you don’t believe me, just go tour Celestial Seasonings in Boulder. They have a tasting room where you can sample any one of their teas! Oh, it’s just so good.

Gift Wrapping – Eggnog

A classic holiday treat while wrapping presents for loved ones, what a combo! Eggnog will put you into the holiday spirit thanks to its creamy blend of festive flavors, and bonus perks of omega 3 fatty acids! Adults can also dress it up with libations to make any holiday celebration extra festive.

…And there you have it! A few suggestions to help enhance your winter adventures! However you choose to spend your winter, I hope you enjoy tasty hot drinks!



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