My 20 Thoughts on Gilmore Girls for their 20th Anniversary

Picture this: it’s the year 2000, you’re watching the WB, and the screen turns black, the words “Gilmore Girls” flash across the screen while the song “There She Goes” by The La’s plays in the background. On a busy street, a woman walks into a diner (with her own mug!) and begs for coffee. The owner is hesitant to give her any, but reluctantly agrees. After an awkward man tries to talk this awesome chick, a young girl sits down complaining of the cold and asks for lip gloss.

You wonder to yourself “What is this show? Who are these women? Why am I hooked?” That my friends is how I imagine I would feel if I were sitting on a couch watching the very beginning of Gilmore Girls.

Now, it’s the insane year of 2020 and Gilmore Girls just turned 20 years old. I decided to rewatch the series because, hey, why not? I’m in my bed on a Saturday afternoon while the sun is shining and I should be hiking, but instead I’m yelling at Emily for being a mega jerk to her maids and at Dean for being a massive manipulator. Ah! What is wrong with me? And why does this show have me all caught up in my feelings?

There are many reasons Gilmore Girls is addictive. Especially for a 20-something girl like myself. First of all, who doesn’t love a good mother-daughter story that is full of friendship, fast talking, and sometimes unnecessary drama? Secondly, Stars Hollow paints a picture of a dreamy, quirky life that anyone would be lucky to experience.

I have compiled 20 thoughts (aka hard opinions) on Gilmore Girls through my re-watching experience to share with you all. Spoiler! There will be spoilers! But it’s an old show, y’all should know what the deal is by now. Here we go!

1 – Dean is not a good boyfriend (or person). One of the first things he tells Rory is how he watches her and knows her schedule. Ok, I know he’s a teenage boy, but that’s creepy. Then he makes her a car, gets all insecure when she doesn’t say “I love you” back, and is a MEGA manipulator when Jess comes around. Oh yeah, then he cheats on his wife with Rory later. I don’t like him. He’s too much of a teenage boy, and sadly, he never seems to grow out of it.

2 – Paris should have been valedictorian at Chilton. Why is it even a plot point that Rory gets to be top of her class after all the episodes we watched where she struggled in so many of classes? I think it’s funny how Paris says it’s fine with her that she did not get to be valedictorian because most of them turn out to be failures later in life, but still, she deserved the title.

3 – Emily needs to let the idea of Lorelai and Christopher go. Call it a plot point or whatever, but Emily continually trying to push together two people who time after time chose not to be together is too much. Yeah, they get married at one point, but it does not go well. Also, season 7 was not real. Oy with the poodles already!

4 – I have no idea how Madeline and Louise became friends with Paris. I would love some backstory. That’s all.

5 – Jess getting attacked by a swan is hilarious. It’s definitely one of the best things that happens to Jess. However, he did not need to be so moody about it when hiding it from Rory at her grandma’s.

6 – Lane’s band is the best part of every episode they’re in. Don’t @ me. I espically love when they go on tour

7 – The first time Kirk appears his name is Mick. This is weird in and of itself, but what’s even weirder is that no one knows who he is. AND in the third episode actor Sean Gunn played “Swan Guy” before he was introduced as the regular and beloved character of Kirk. His character has a lot of plot holes, but he’s so quirky and I love it.

8 – Lorelai’s grandma was known to be dead in season 1 episode 3! But then she magically appears later to be Emily’s worst nightmare. Also, what the heck was her visit that one time to Lorelai’s house where she just looked around for a hot second then leaves? I don’t get it. I’d love any theories y’all may have. Also! The grandma later plays the aunt. Crazy.

9 – Richard and Emily should be proud of their daughter. Frankly, if Lorelai was my kid who left when she was 16 with a baby and she now opened and runs an inn, I’d be hella proud! In my opinion, the only reason they’re still mad at her is because she chose a lifestyle that isn’t centered around money.

10 – Emily is so fake. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m harping on her, I just really can’t stand her. Sometimes she’s funny, but that is a rare occasion. I honestly just don’t like seeing her trying to manipulate situations and then say she has nooo idea why people are mad. However, she does care about her people, she just does it in her own special way. I also love who she becomes in the Netflix special “A Year in the Life.”

11 – WTF happens with Rory? She starts out SO sheltered and grateful, then BOOM she goes to Chilton and starts to love the privileged life. It gets even worse when she goes to Yale and starts to hang out with Logan’s crowd. That’s a whole different discussion though. Also, her arc in the Netflix special is not flattering, nor is it surprising. After all, she did sleep with a married man and now she’s pregnant with an engaged man’s baby (theoretically, the audience isn’t told who the father is).

12 – Michel is a very underrated character. He’s very snarky, witty, and an under-appreciated comedic relief. Sure he’s difficult, but he’s important and beloved.

13 – Speaking of underrated, Sookie is amazing. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on this one. Did y’all know that the woman who played Drella, the harp lady, was originally going to be cast as Sookie until Melissa McCarthy auditioned? Boy am I glad McCarthy got the role because she’s funny, sweet, and the perfect yin to Lorelai’s yang.

14 – Lane is a saint. She is such a loyal friend to Rory. As the pair get older, Lane is so patient with Rory and spends so much time listening to her best friend complain about all her privileged problems. Lane is also such a good daughter. Sure she rebels against her mom’s way of life, but she still shows up to all the Bible studies, weddings, choir practices, etc. Even when she first moves out to live with her band she checks in with her mom, upholds her moral values, and inquires with others to make sure Mrs. Kim is doing well.

15 – Lorelai read Wild. And then she actually went out to California to hike some of the PCT. This was a crazy plot point to me. First, she strikes me as the type who would have seen the movie not read the book, but she was a die hard ‘book’ type with all the other women at the motel the night before starting the trail. Second, it wasn’t very clear to me what she was searching for in her not so attempted-attempt of the PCT. As random as this was, though, I loved this little storyline.

16 – Luke is too emotional. I get it, he’s been harboring feelings for Lorelai for forever, but that does not mean he’s Rory’s dad in season 1. He totally flips a switch when he finds out Rory is dating Dean and says how much he hates him. Then when Lorelai confides in Luke that Rory’s dropping out of Yale, he starts yelling about how he’s going to follow her around and escort her to classes for the next year. I get it, he’s invested, but for me it’s too much. Also, I don’t understand his relationship with Rachel, I think he’s a huge grump, he never changes, and he just lets Lorelai walk all over him literally for years. I really don’t like him, I know that’s an unpopular decision, but still.

17 – Jess matures the most out of everyone on this show. Starting out as an angsty teen who only cares about music, books, and Rory was cool, even though his general attitude sucked. After he runs away though he grows up so well! He cares about Luke, his dad, and his mom. He gets his life together and does it in his own, unprivileged way. Also, I love how he’s the voice of reason to Rory when he finds out she dropped out of Yale. Team Jess 4ever.

18 – Lorelai’s platter of Pop Tarts in season 1 is revolutionary. I know what kind of mom I want to be now, and it is all thanks to her.

19 – Logan was Rory’s ultimate downfall. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Rory was on a good trajectory before she met Logan, but falling into his social circle does not help. Logan puts her on such an emotional rollercoaster, his family is evil towards her, and if she never met him she never would have stolen a yacht or dropped out of Yale. I’m glad she rejects his proposal, but I was not pleased to see that they were having an affair in the Netflix special.

20 – I wish I could eat like the Gilmore Girls. They’re bottomless pits and manage to stay so skinny! It’s a TV show, I get it, but I still wish I had their super power.

Wow, that took me way longer than I thought it would! But hey, it was fun. Thanks for coming along with me on this journey! I’m curios as to what your thoughts are, too! Please share in the comments!


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