I Took 10 Personality Quizzes Telling me Where to Live…

And the results are in! I used a list on Bustle that claims the results of each quiz are “pretty spot on” https://www.bustle.com/life/personality-quizzes-about-where-to-live

My results were pretty scattered, to be honest. So here’s what I got:

1 – Brainfall’s What US State Should You Live In?

I got Wisconsin???

2 – Playbuzz’s “Which City” Quiz

I got Manhattan, NY…I should’ve went to college there!

3 – ProProf’s Quiz on “Which US City Should You Live in?”

Portland, OR (seems accurate, honestly).

4 – Quizony’s quiz “Which State Should You Live in?”

I got Alaska…which I used to be convinced I’d live in, but now I’m not so sure.

5 – Quizexpo’s “Where Should I Live Quiz”

London, UK!! Trust me, if I could live in London, I would. 100%.

6 – TIME’s “Which State Matches Your Personality”

I got New Mexico because I’m “relaxed and creative”

7 – Kaplan Quiz “Which US City do you Belong in?”

Seattle, WA…hey, that’s where my brother lives!

8 – Magi Quiz “What City Matches Your Personality?”

Minneapolis, MN…and the explanation kills me it says, “Since your idea of a good time is pumping it up, why not live in a fitness-fanatic’s paradise?” LOL. Yes, I love running and hiking, butttttt…where would you hike in the MOUNTAINS in MN? Yes, I know there’s Lake Superior’s coast, which I do like, but still.

9 – My Real Personality City Personality Test (what a name…)

San Francisco, CA.

10 – uQuiz’s “Best US Cities to Live and Work Remotely”

This one was different in the sense that you pick topics that are important to you so with my top qualities of urban, rural, single people (gosh why am I alone??), religious, walkability, low crime, low traffic, affordable living, and educated in the West/Midwest, my top cities were Santa Monica, CA, Ann Arbor, MI, Minneapolis, MN, Boulder, CO, Madison, WI and Tempe, AZ.

In the South and Northeast, my top cities were Cambridge, MA, West Chester, PA, Boston, MA, Albany, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, and Charlottesville, VA.

Interesting stuff…

I really am looking to move, so I appreciate that there are quizzes like this out there! I do not know where I’ll end up, but I hope it will be somewhere I love! For now, I just want to go sit on a beach somewhere and get tan.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post! Go check these quizzes out at the link at the begging of the post! Maybe you’ll discover where you belong!

Best of luck!


A Simple Song

Hi there, friends!

It has been a minute since I have last wrote on here. Truthfully, I have struggled with trying to figure out what I want this blog to truly be. Do I want it to be a place where I share cool hiking tips? Do I want it to be about the beauty of adventure? Or, do I want it to be a space where I am allowed to be more than just a ‘hiker/traveler’? I still do not have an answer, but I do have a thought to share with you all.

2020 has uprooted my life and my definition of progress. A year ago, I would not have been ok if you told me this is where my life would be now. Due to COVID, I lost my job(s), job prospects, and ambition. I continued to hope, apply, and interview for jobs I believed would be a great fit for me, but ended up deeply disappointed. These job rejections I have received have felt more personal than even ever before. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because for the first time ever, I feel like I *need* the positions I’m applying for.

I am privileged, though. Regardless of how I feel, I am lucky. I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, heat, health, food to eat, and no debt to stress over. I do not need these things I am yearning after, I simply wish I could contribute to the world around me.

I am currently substitute teaching in a school district just south of me. It has been ok. I am exposed to COVID more often than I’d like, but I just keep cleaning. I am receiving my vaccine soon, and I hope it will allow me to be a better community member.

What is the point of this post? I’m not sure. No one will read it, so I guess it’s just a little benchmark for me to look back on. Hopefully I’ll look back and see that I grew.

If anyone is reading and wants to know three things I have learned during this pandemic, here they are:

1 – Don’t be in a Rush

It does you no good to feel like every opportunity has to be “the thing.” You will get to where you need to be.

2 – Learn what you Truly Want

I have learned a lot about what I actually want. This has looked like me turning down job opportunities and thinking long-term.

3 – Say ‘YES’ to Spontaneous

Don’t fret about spending money on gas to go to the mountains to snowshoe with your friend. Just go and enjoy it, even if you spend your time eating chips and doing a puzzle.

Thanks for hearing me out, internet.


Reflecting on Travels Pre-COVID

Greetings, everyone in the blog-verse! I hope all of you are having a good weekend so far despite all of the civil unrest we have been experiencing here in the US. Just incase anyone reading wondered: I believe that Black Lives Matter. I believe that there needs to be some changes made to the way law enforcement utilizes their power, and I also believe that Jesus is King. I have a lot of feelings about the current state of the world, but let’s all remember what’s most important: KINDNESS. Let’s all be kind to one another, ok? Ok.

After the craziness of life lately, I have been reflecting on my trip abroad in the fall of 2019. Not only do I miss the thrill of travel and the opportunities to discover new places and culture, but I miss TRAVELING. COVID sucks a little bit, let’s be honest. But what doesn’t suck is going through old pictures and daydreaming about future trips!

Here is my brief account of my solo travels around Europe from 2019. I hope it inspires you to go out and plan some excursions in the future!

October 7-12 // ICELAND (with my mom!)


I kicked off my trip with a 5 day visit to Iceland! I had wanted to visit this volcanic island for quite some time, and was happy to finally make that dream come true.

I did a 5 day, 4 night tour with Gj Travel, so I didn’t have to worry about renting a car or getting my own accommodations. It was super nice, and pretty cheap for everything being included (minus food). I landed in Iceland at 6am and spent the entire day wandering around Reykjavik. It’s such a fun little sea town! I visited the viking museum, animal reserve park, and wandered through Hallgrimskirkja (the church).


After some dinner, and the most expensive gin & tonic EVER, I finally hit the hay. The next morning, I wandered down the checkered street to grab some coffee before meeting up with our tour bus. We drove around the city, then started out towards a little fishing village for lunch. Following that, we crossed over to the bridge between continents, and then soaked in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon! We ended our day in the small town of Hella in the southern peninsula. I got my own little cabin by the river and saw the most amazing sunset!

That night, our group learned about the Northern Lights and stayed up watching. There was a glimmer of green in the distance, but that’s the best view we got. The next morning, we set off to see some waterfalls. To begin, we went to Seljalandsfoss, a very pretty waterfall where you can go behind the falls! I ran around like a crazy person because NATURE.

Then, we went off to a museum right by Skogafoss, and learned all about the art and quirkiness of Iceland’s past. After a latte, I then proceeded to run around Skogafoss. You could take a little trail up to the top of the waterfall then go further back to see cascades running through the hillside. SO PRETTY.

image0 (2)
From the top of Skogafoss

That afternoon, we headed to the black sanded coast of Vik! The amazing rock features were so unreal, which is probably why the beach was crazy busy. After snapping some pics, I wandered down the beach away from the crowds and witnessed a sweet German couple getting engaged! I snapped a picture as it was happening, then waited around awkwardly to get their email address. Bottom line, if you ever need a secret engagement photographer, I’m your girl.

There were no Northern Lights that night, but our group enjoyed some hot chocolate and sharing of cultures. For example, some Aussie girls showed me pictures from a Spongebob theme party they went to. Their costumes were amazing.

The following day, we started at an organic tomato greenhouse!! We got a tour of the property then got to indulge in everything tomato! Beer, soup, ice cream, bloody mary’s, etc. EVERYTHING TOMATO. Following this, we got to meet some real Icelandic horses!! My favorite!! We got to pet the horses then watch a private horse show where we learned all about the different gaits Icelandic horses have. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip, honestly.

Next, we headed out to a couple National Parks (I honestly don’t remember their names) and the town of Geysir where Gullfoss and some geysirs are. Gulfoss is a wonderfully powerful waterfall that spews cold mist at everyone who greets it.

The day ended back in Reykjavik where my mom and I walked around and had a nice Asian fusion meal. I went to bed nice and early because the following morning I was up and off to Brussels!

October 12-19 // BELGIUM (with myself!)

image0 (3)
Grand Place at night

I found myself in Brussels. Surrounded by a train system I did not understand, I wandered awkwardly onto a train hoping it went to downtown Brussels. It did! I got off the station at Brussels North, and was instantly lost. I wandered into the the old Botanic gardens with my big ‘ol bag, feeling like a silly American tourist (because I was). I wandered and wandered, until I found Grand Place and my first waffle of the week. YAY. The rest of the day included finding my Airbnb, getting super lost, and making some spaghetti.

On Sunday, I went to Waterloo! Why Waterloo you ask? Because I went to Church! Crazily enough, my church in Denver, Colorado has a campus in Waterloo. I took the train down, wandered the charming streets and found Red Rocks Church nestled in a neighborhood school. I was greeted with coffee and pastries and some wonderful worship. I went back to Brussels for the afternoon, where I continued to get lost in wonder as I wandered aimlessly through the old streets.

Monday was fun! I went to the old medieval town of Bruges! IT IS SO COOL.  It is heavily influenced by the Dutch, so there were windmills, canals, river cruises, and a town square. I spent most of the day wandering its quaint streets lined with old churches, historic architecture, and climbing windmills. I even had my first official Belgium beer, Zot! This is all very exciting, I know. To top it off, I also saw the Madonna of Bruges which was sculpted by Michelangelo. I spent all day being stoked on Bruges and having the freedom to do whatever I wanted and go down whatever streets spoke to me.

Tuesday was interesting. I was supposed to go to Amsterdam, but plans changed, so I booked a train ticket to Blankenberge, on the coast of Belgium. I spent the morning on the walking on the beach and enjoying The Belgium Pier. Truth be told, I had no idea Belgium even had a beach, so it was fun. In the afternoon, I went to Ghent, which is a town similar to Bruges and just walked around enjoying it. There was a man making bubbles in front of an old church, so it was magical to watch.

Back in Brussels, I was at a loss for what to do on Wednesday. I wanted to explore more of the country, but I wasn’t sure where or what I should do, so I turned to my trusty friend…the internet. I discovered that there was a town down south called Dinant with a citadel and old church. So on Wednesday, I boarded the Luxembourg train to head down south. It was rainy when I finally got to Dinant, but I was so stoked on the view! The Collegiate Church of Notre Dame stood tall before the citadel behind it on the cliff. I first went to the Citadel where I climbed some 480 stairs to the top, and went through the craziest museum I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend it. I’d explain it to you, but it’s honestly better experienced in my opinion. Plus, I’m doing a poor job keeping this post short like I promised. Also! Dinant is where the inventor of the saxophone was born so there were sculptures of saxophones all over as well as a cute little saxophone museum. As always, I spent the rest of the day wandering and ended up back in Brussels, tired and ready for sleep on my futon.

image0 (6)
View from the citadel!
image1 (22)

^^^ Dinant! See, I told you it was cool.

The rest of my days in Brussels consisted of going to all the museums I possibly could. I cried in the MOOF Museum while watching a film on the creator of the Smurfs (also from Belgium) and tried to take mirror selfies in every museum for fun. I had the Brussels card, so I could get into 40 museums for freeeee!

That was Belgium! It was the most fun. Fun fact: I also left a pair a of pants in my Airbnb’s refrigerator because someone told me that would clean them?? And then I totally forgot they were in there when I left…oops.

October 19-27 // SCOTLAND (with myself!)

image2 (10)

OH MY WORD. It felt GOOD to be in the UK after having been in French speaking Belgium for a week. I mean, first of all, it was wonderful to understand which bus to get on and which stop I needed to get off at to find my Airbnb. I stayed in Darly, Edinburgh, and it was charming and lovely and cute and amazing and friendly and people smiled and it was just amazing and if I keep talking like this I’ll never stop and wow I just love Scotland.

Right off the bat I headed to High Street and watched the sunset right outside of Edinburgh Castle. Dreamy. I cried, actually. I watched The Good Place on Netflix then went right to bed.

On Sunday, I took my time (meaning, I got super lost several times) and found the birthplace of Harry Potter at the Elephant House, then got coffee at Black Medicine Coffee. Next, I strolled to Arthur’s Seat where I got the best view of the city, ocean, and hills! Then I walked up Calton Hill, bought some replacement pants at H&M, HAD A BURRITO, strolled Victoria Street, and visited the graveyard where Tom Riddle was buried at sunset. Once again, Edinburgh is dreamy and one of the best places on the planet.

In honor of keeping things “quick” Monday and Tuesday consisted of seeking out latte art, visiting bookstores, gaping at art in museums, learning history, Scotch tastings, wandering the National Botanic Gardens of Scotland in the freezing rain/wind, touring Edinburgh Castle, and wandering the streets by night after eating some delicious cake from Lovecrumbs. Oh, and more.

Wednesday I made my way up to the highlands on a tour. It was a LONG day. I was super cranky because I didn’t get to move as much as I would have liked, but it was a pretty place. We stopped in Glen Coe, where we learned the sad tale of its’ past, then journeyed up to Loch Ness. Let me tell ya, Scotland is an amazing country. It is beautiful. The accents are beautiful. The history, though, is tragic, but the people are proud, and that’s beautiful.

Ok! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The last three days of my solo travels were pretty good. I had a cold, but I made myself push on. I took the train up to Aberdour, a cute seaside town just north of Edinburgh. Totally cute, and it goes along the Fife Hiking Trail. I took that for a couple of miles along the coast then turned around to get some soup. Back in the city, I continued to wander, hiked up Arthur’s Seat again, and revisited my old “haunts” the rest of the days. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what I did or where I went, I loved Scotland and that’s the main thing I want everyone reading to know.

Currently // THE PRESENT

Well, what fun it has been reliving my travels with you all. It turns out recounting three weeks worth of travel was a lot harder than I thought, mostly because I had to pick and choose what to put in and leave out. Bottom line is this: I’m happy I had the chance to do it. Hopefully I’ll get to do some more soon.



A Living Scrapbook – The Christmas Tree

This is a stupid title. But, I wanted to talk about Christmas trees real fast. The Christmas tree tradition dates back to the 16th century in Germany! I don’t have time to go into a history lesson here, so if you want to know more, check out this website: https://www.countryliving.com/life/a45590/christmas-tree-origin/

What I really want to to talk about is the best part about Christmas trees – ornaments. My mom has been collecting ornaments since before I was born, and her obsession has resulted in about 5 large boxes of ornaments. Every year, regardless of tree size, we are unable to put all of the ornaments on the tree. And every year, we continue to add to our collection.

I bet your family has their own Christmas ornament traditions, too! I’m going to share some of my favorite ornaments from my family’s collection below to commemorate the season. I hope you enjoy!

Type 1 – Family Staples

Our family as carolers
My grandma made these adorable ice skates!
A true classic. My brother and I being all filled with the Christmas spirit.

Type 2 – Getting Crafty

Sir Seashell the Snowman – some hot glue and glitter glue to keep it all together.
My mom stitched about 50 of these one year in her 20’s to give to her classmates.
We made a melting snowman trapped in a globe!

Type 3 – Memories from Travels

My cute little heart from Scotland!
A Kiwi from New Zealand – from Christmas 2009
Telluride’s Main St. a classic vacation spot to see family

Type 4 – Family Favorites

BUTTER is a staple in our family. Makes sense we put it on our tree.
Santa Star! I have no clue where he came from, but he always ends up on our tree.

Type 6 – Honorable Mentions

What a cutie.
We really like seashells.
I’m a horse girl at heart, so of course this makes the list.
This angel reminds me of the thing the Grinch makes Martha May in the Jim Carey movie.

I hope this post will inspire you to collect ornaments throughout the year so your tree each Christmas can be a big scrapbook of happy times!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 2021 is so close, and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for it.


Our Noble Fir 2020

A Glimmer of Hope (aka cute dogs)

I am not going to lie to you all (well, the like 3 people who stumble upon this post), I have been discouraged lately. I’m not entirely sure why either. Maybe it’s the myriad of people getting engaged, having babies, buying houses, and getting promoted while I sit and apply to job after job after job, being alone and sad. Or maybe it’s the holiday season during a pandemic throwing a wrench into traditions. I’m not sure. It’s probably a combo, but either way, I am discouraged.

I read a devotional this morning saying that a Christian’s ultimate encouragement comes from what God has done (sending Jesus), is doing (being present), and will do (bring us to Heaven). This is true, and it is helpful to put my small, insignificant sadness into perspective, but I need a little extra boost today. So I’m going to create my own happiness by looking at dog pictures.

I thought I’d share these pictures with you all, because maybe you need a little bit of cuteness in your day, too.


Corgi Golden Retriever Mix Facts | Reviewed By Veterinarians

Look at this cuteness!! Two of the best kind of dogs mixed into one. Ready for adventure!


Bernese Mountain Dog puppies - Care, training and more | Pawzy

These two lil Bernese Mountain Dogs are melting my heart.


New German shepherd puppy? Start here! - German Shepherd Central

Feeling stressed? Just look at his cute little face.


How Much Do Siberian Huskies Cost? The Ultimate Buyer's Guide - Perfect Dog  Breeds

Even our furry friends like something to cuddle up with.


Old Labrador – How to Care for Your Lab As They Age

Sometimes you just need to chill out and go for a walk with an old friend.


Are Mixed Breed Dogs Healthier Than Purebreads? | Canna-Pet®

Remember to smile if you’re feeling down!


Fundraiser by Ted Marsh : Great Dane Ricky



How Much Does It Cost To Buy & Care For A Boxer Dog? – PetsGetStarted

Don’t you just wanna smoosh that cute little face??


All About Beagles: Breed Info, Characteristics, Size, Temperament & More

It’s me, the cutest lil pup you ever did see.


9 Best Mountain Dogs - Whitelines Snowboarding

I will be your lionheart, little dude.

11 – EAT UP

My Dog Won't Eat. What To Try If Your Newfie Refuses Food - My Brown Newfies

Get those nutrients!


Cousin's corgi decided to become a mountain climber : corgi

Hiking with a pal is always a good idea!


Dogs in Costumes | Pet Forums

Look at this little bear!


80 Fluffy Dog Breeds | The Comprehensive AKC Double Coated Dog Breed List -  The Modern Bark | Dog Training Tips

Listen to your mom!


Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer: Swimming Safety for Dogs

Go for a swim.


Nine dog breeds at higher risk of heatstroke – and what you can do to  prevent it

Strut your stuff, too.


Cute Small Dog Clothes Pet Guitar Clothes Dog Guitarist Dressing Pets  Singer Costume Puppy Playing Guitar Costume Party Halloween,M:  Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home

You may be small, but your song is mighty.


Paw-mazing Pets: Watch These Thrill-Seeking Dogs Doing Some Extreme Sports  [VIDEOS] - DogTime

A great cure for the zoomies.


12 Dogs Having the Best Day at the Beach Ever

Get a tan, play in the sand, and soak up the waves.


Owners to buy Christmas presents for their pets | Nature | News |  Express.co.uk


Alright, friends I’m finished. I hope you enjoyed these cuties. I hope they all brought a little smile to your face, too. I know they cheered me up!

Happy December,


Honesty Hour: Unemployment Fatigue in the COVID Season

Hello friends! Welcome to honesty hour with Michelle. Today, I’d like to speak on the subject of unemployment fatigue.

I’ve been unemployed on and off since March 2020. I have a masters degree and am an extremely hard worker. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I’d be unemployed for 8 months. I worked way too hard in my life to end up without a job. And maybe some of you feel the same way.

I know I can go get a job at a grocery store or warehouse if I need, but the thing is I’m afraid of COVID. I am afraid of giving this virus to the people I love. It’s as simple as that. This season is full of unknowns, and I am just riding the tide.

What have I done during this long winded season of unemployment you ask? Well, I have tried to make the most of it. For example, I started a college certificate program for Marketing and Sales, which I will finish in December. I have worked as a preschool teacher for a few weeks, until they let me go due to the low number of students (why did they hire me knowing this???). I planned and trained for a thru-hike of the Colorado Trail. I hike all 485 miles of the Colorado Trail. I took a few trips around the state of Colorado to hike and drink coffee in different places. I visited Montana to visit old friends and feed some goats. I read my Bible every day. Prayed for joy, hope, and love over this planet, my country, and my future. I watched The Office a lot. I had some really great experiences.


I have also had countless sleepless nights. I’ve been depressed and anxious about the future. I have baked over 100 million calories worth of cakes and cookies (which is only bad because I’ve eaten all these things). I have applied to over 100 jobs. I have gotten into fights with people I’m close to because I lash out. I spent wayyy too much money on things I don’t need. I lost interest in several things that used to bring me joy, and the list could just go on and on.

I believe this phenomena is called “unemployment fatigue.” And it is a fatigue unlike any other, because it is taking time during a pandemic. I. Am. Tired.

I want to contribute to the world. I want to know what my purpose is. I was about to start a new full-time job (with benefits!) in April, but that came to a halt when COVID caused the first shut down. I was on track, and then suddenly, I was stranded without any way of escape. Well, besides the obvious jobs that would put myself and my family at risk.

Let me just say, that I appreciate all the hard work the essential workers have done during the pandemic. I especially admire all the health care workers who continue to do their part even after seeing how stupid humanity can be. I thank you, I applaud you, and I sincerely hope this all ends soon for your good.

I know this is a scary time, y’all. This post is just a reminder that if you are struggling, you are not alone. It is a reminder that being outside cannot always fix the doubts and questions in your mind.

However, being outside has been my greatest therapy. Well, that, and God’s goodness. I want you all to know that if you’re feeling stuck during this crazy time to go outside, get some air, and take a deep breath. We will get through this.

And when we get through this, we will be stronger, happier, and more united. I know it sounds cliche, but I have to keep telling myself these things because I need to know it, too.

Keep your heads up,


Hot Drinks to Match Your Adventures This Winter

Winter is slowly creeping in upon us which means it’s time to break out the sweaters, Christmas decorations, and big mugs for hot drinks! If you’re anything like me, you are so excited for the snow to start falling so you can snuggle up with blankets, hit the slopes, and do some winter adventuring. 

Winter is full of opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re skiing, snuggling up by the fire, driving through a blizzard, snowshoeing, ice skating, or sledding, there is a winter activity for everyone! I will be sure to post more on winter activities around Colorado in a later post, but for now I want to talk about a hot topic I am very passionate about: hot drinks! 

NOTHING fuels me quite like a hot beverage in my hand. I say this with the utmost sincerity. There are times where I’m working or writing and have to stop because I need a cup of tea. And if I’m driving to the mountains, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be sipping a hot drink on the drive. And although I do not live inside a Hallmark Christmas movie, I do enjoy a nice hot drink whenever I find myself by a fire. 

I have compiled some hot drinks that will match your winter adventures below. I know being outside is already the best way to spend time, but you might as well enhance your experience with something hot to sip on! 

Sledding – Hot Chocolate 

WOW. How obvious is this?! Maybe my obsession with hot cocoa while sledding or building snowmen came from the various snow days I had growing up, but it’s delicious. Hot chocolate is great because there are a lot of ways to put a twist on this classic drink. Not only is hot cocoa a vehicle for marshmallows and whipped cream, you can also go crazy with it and add candy canes, ice cream, or whatever else you think sounds good. Adults can also add their special twists to it as well, but if you’re like me, you’re happy sticking to the classic. 

Driving to the Slopes – Coffee

I live in Denver, CO and there is quite a commute up I-70 to get to the slopes, so for the hour plus drive, I typically sip on some coffee. Not only does it fuel you for the drive and day ahead, I like to think it also acts as an excitement juice. To heighten my excitement, I like to plan to stop at craft coffee shops on my drive up. For example, I have a coffee shop right by my house I love to stop at before long drives, but there are also great shops up the I-70 corridor that will allow you to get out of your car for a bit. 

Another great thing about coffee is that you can have it anyway you’d like! Some days I prefer lattes, while other days I need it black with a dash of cream. Choose your own adventure when it comes to coffee! But trust me, it definitely enhances your winter nature experiences. 

Christmas Tree Hunting – Apple Cider

Sure, apple cider is a classic hot drink for fall, but it is also a classic for picking out your tree! That smell of cinnamon goes wonderfully with the pine scent wafting into your nose as you hunt for the perfect tree!

Post Snowshoeing, Skiing, or Snowboarding – Chai Tea Latte

Mmmm. This may be one of my favorite traditions I totally made up. Chai is so good, y’all. After a day on the trials or the slopes, sipping on a creamy, steamy chai is just what you’ll want. Chai has become a staple of joy in my life. A prime example of this is when I had just completed an 18 day backpacking trip in the Northern Cascades in Washington, and my group and I stopped at a farm. The farm was surrounded by a beautiful sunflower field, and was selling chai. The first sip of a chai tea latte after 18 days in the wilderness brought tears to my eyes. Trust me, it will make any situation you’re in a little bit more beautiful. 

Getting Cozy by the Fire – Tea 

There’s nothing better than grabbing a book, blanket, and cup of tea when you’re cuddled up by a fire. Especially if you have some cookies, but I’m getting off topic. Anyway, tea is the perfect drink to have by your side. The best thing about tea are all the different kinds! You can have wild berry, ginger, peppermint, green tea, green tea with jasmine, earl gray, chamomile, english breakfast, blueberry, lemon zinger, throat coat, etc, etc, etc. There truly is a kind of tea for everyone. And if you don’t believe me, just go tour Celestial Seasonings in Boulder. They have a tasting room where you can sample any one of their teas! Oh, it’s just so good.

Gift Wrapping – Eggnog

A classic holiday treat while wrapping presents for loved ones, what a combo! Eggnog will put you into the holiday spirit thanks to its creamy blend of festive flavors, and bonus perks of omega 3 fatty acids! Adults can also dress it up with libations to make any holiday celebration extra festive.

…And there you have it! A few suggestions to help enhance your winter adventures! However you choose to spend your winter, I hope you enjoy tasty hot drinks!



Take Aways From Traveling During COVID-19

Last week I took a trip to Montana. I was let go of a job I had just gotten due to COVID reasons and felt defeated. I spontaneously bought some plane tickets a couple weeks ahead of time and began to shield myself from the world. I wanted to make sure I was healthy while in the airport, plane, and in my old town.

I felt great leading up to the trip, so all the updates I received from the airline about masks, rules, and the cleaning procedures did not wig me out. I only got nervous as I drove up to the airport, took my final breath of fresh air for 6 hours, and strapped my mask on. I got my ticket from a kiosk because of United’s insane rules with Basic Economy, and made my way to security. I breezed through the line, but there was a guy breathing down my neck while waiting to put our things through the scanners. I contorted my body to be out of his way, and this is when the nerves truly began. To my horror, they didn’t have any way of wiping down the bins you put your things in, nor did they have anyone spray them before new users touched them. EW. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like those security bins are definite germ hubs. AND THEN, my bag got pulled aside to be checked (of course). I had to wait quite some time before a security agent began to take my stuff backpack apart.

To my horror, she placed everything onto a table. I had just watched her place another lady’s items on that table and not wipe it down afterwards. AH! I quickly asked her if she could clean it. Thankfully, she obliged, before she proceeded taking every single item in my overly stuffed bag out. She could not find what she was looking for and once every item of clothing, bag of snacks, and books were all out, she found what she was looking for in my first aid kit. Then she left me to repack everything back into my backpack. It originally took me 30 minutes to pack that bag, but now, surrounded by people rushing to the train, I stuffed everything into my backpack in less than five. I cried.

I was so frustrated by this interaction that I didn’t know how to carry on. I boarded the train without touching anything and stood with my feet wide apart in order to keep balance. I ran off the train when we arrived at the B gates, rode the escalator up, and then a wave of people were coming at me.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

Y’all I had not been around that many people since March 2020. It freaked me out. Yes, everyone had masks on, but I just felt attacked. There were people who were eating just out in the open, people dodging in and out of the crowds, and honestly, people EVERYWHERE. Haha, I mean, of course there were, it’s an airport! I was so stressed out.

I was so relieved when I finally boarded my flight. First of all, my flight attendant told me I was pretty. Then, I got a window seat in the very last row which I ended up having all to myself! It was an ideal situation. I was the last one off the plane, and the last one walking through the small airport in Kalispell. I was so happy to be in Montana after a year away.

My friend ran up to me in the airport, and all my stress was gone. I was happy to be taking my mask off finally! The next five days were kind of a blur. I visited all my old stomping grounds, saw a few friends, met a lot of cute dogs, and spent some time in the great outdoors.

I was surprised by how different Montana was from Colorado in terms of COVID restrictions, though. For instance, the grocery stores had people without masks, employees who had their masks pulled down, and a lack of hand sanitizer. While I was out on runs, people did not move to the edge of the sidewalks, but stayed right in the middle. It was kind of a culture shock to be honest. In Colorado, masks are everywhere. Sure, they fall below noses sometimes, but at least people are considerate enough to wear them.

Despite all the feels, I was able to take away 2 key things about traveling during COVID from this trip.


This is easy. Obviously airlines require masks as well as most establishments, but you can always wear a mask. Yes, sometimes you may feel peer pressured out of it, but if you want to stay safe for yourself and loved ones, just wear it.


As much as this may suck, just stay close to home. I bet there are some towns you haven’t driven through not too far from your house. All the stress I had on this trip was not worth it. Yes, I loved being in Montana, but it was a completely different experience compared to what it used to be like.

Ultimately, COVID is scary because there is a lot we do not understand. The case numbers are at their highest in the US, and it’s best to play it safe and stop the spread. Traveling will still exist once there’s a vaccine, so for now, I encourage you to explore your home state with close friends and family.

Stay safe, y’all!


5 Great Hikes near Denver (and where to eat afterwards)

Hello happy hikers! I hope this blog post finds you well and in the need for an adventure! I grew up in the Front Range and have been fortunate enough to explore some of the most beautiful places in Colorado.

In my mind, a perfect day in Colorado has a hike involved, followed by an amazing meal. Nature’s not enough, but nature and food is enough! That is why I have compiled a list of 5 hikes near Denver paired with my recommendations of where to eat afterwards.

1 – Hell’s Hole // Tommyknocker Brewery

Hell’s Hole
  • Location: Idaho Springs
  • RT Distance: 9.3 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,916 ft
  • Restaurant: Tommyknockers Brewery

This hike is a gem! It’s about a 45 minute drive from Denver, and is not very crowded. This trail does not end at a lake or summit, but it leads to a beautiful opening in the middle of some gorgeous mountains. It’s an amazing, challenging hike. There is also a campground next to the trailhead, so you can enjoy some quality camping in Arapaho National Forest, too!

After you finish this hike, you’ll drive back through the historic mining town of Idaho Springs where you should grab a bite to eat at Tommyknockers! This brewery has amazing food, beer, and a great atmosphere! They have a giant soft pretzel you will not want to miss! Check out their menu here: https://tommyknocker.com/

2 – Eagle’s View Trail Loop // Aspen Perk Cafe

Eagles view!
  • Location: Conifer
  • RT Distance: 4.2 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,082 ft
  • Restaurant: Aspen Perk Cafe

Eagle’s View Trail is found at Reynolds Ranch Park, right outside of Conifer up 285. It’s about a 35 minute drive from Denver. This trail offers a shorter workout, stellar views down south to see Pikes Peak, aspens, and forest views. There is a huge parking lot, restrooms at the trailhead, and a picnic area. It’s a lovely escape from the city.

After you complete this hike, I suggest you drive further into Conifer and enjoy some grub at Aspen Perk Cafe. They serve breakfast and lunch, and have some awesome drinks. I am seriously in love with their breakfast. Check it out here: https://www.aspenperkcafe.com/menu

3 – Bergen Peak // Evergreen Brewery

A lil woods walk up to the summit
  • Location: Evergreen
  • RT Distance: 10.3 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2,227 ft
  • Restaurant: Evergreen Brewery

If you are looking for a challenging hike up to a mountain summit, I suggest bagging Bergen Peak. You start this hike in Elk Meadow Park, walking through a field winding through some trees, then you begin to climb. As you go up, there are some viewpoints that make lovely break spots, and then you make it to the summit, feeling satisfied.

After this challenging hike, you are going to need some grub. I definitely recommend checking out Evergreen Brewery. I know I’m suggesting a lot of breweries here, but this one has an IPA Mac and Cheese that makes you feel better after a hard hike. For more information check it out here: https://www.evergreenbrewingco.com/

4 – Gem Lake // Ed’s Cantina & Grill

It’s a gem.
  • Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park
  • RT Distance: 3.4 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 990 ft
  • Restaurant: Ed’s Cantina & Grill

Are you looking for a getaway from the front range but do not want to pay the National Park entrance fee? Well, do I have the hike for you! Gem Lake is located right outside Estes Park near the Stanley Hotel in the Lumpy Ridge section of RMNP. There is no entrance station here, so you can park at the TH without paying the entrance fee. This hike is also excellent any time of year! There are beautiful aspens, views of the town of Estes, and Long’s Peak. The lake is beautiful and if you can, you should climb up the rock formations to see an even more spectacular view!

There are many great restaurants in Estes Park, but I always enjoy Ed’s Cantina. They use fresh ingredients and have so many delicious options. It’s seriously some great Mexican. Enjoy! https://www.edscantina.com/

5 – Mount Falcon Castle Trail Loop // The Cow

Views from Mt Falcon Trail
  • Location: Morrison
  • RT Distance: 6.7 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,601 ft
  • Restaurant: The Cow

If you want to enjoy a hike that is right outside of Denver, come on over to Morrison and hike Mount Falcon. If you park and hike up the Castle Trail, you will enjoy views of Red Rocks Amphitheater, forests, Denver, and end up at the ruins of an old mansion. This hike truly has it all! And bonus: it’s a great workout! Just be sure to watch out for all the psycho mountain bikers (who do not yield) and get to the TH either earlier or later in the day to find a parking spot!

Once you’ve completed this hike, you’re definitely going to want a treat. Whether it’s a great breakfast spread, burger, or an ice cream cone, The Cow an Eatery has an option for everyone. Moooove on over to their website to learn more: https://thecoweatery.com/

Alright friends, there you go! I will definitely write about other hikes near Denver, but I thought I’d leave a taste here now. I hope this inspires you to get outside, hike a little, and enjoy some delicious food!



My 20 Thoughts on Gilmore Girls for their 20th Anniversary

Picture this: it’s the year 2000, you’re watching the WB, and the screen turns black, the words “Gilmore Girls” flash across the screen while the song “There She Goes” by The La’s plays in the background. On a busy street, a woman walks into a diner (with her own mug!) and begs for coffee. The owner is hesitant to give her any, but reluctantly agrees. After an awkward man tries to talk this awesome chick, a young girl sits down complaining of the cold and asks for lip gloss.

You wonder to yourself “What is this show? Who are these women? Why am I hooked?” That my friends is how I imagine I would feel if I were sitting on a couch watching the very beginning of Gilmore Girls.

Now, it’s the insane year of 2020 and Gilmore Girls just turned 20 years old. I decided to rewatch the series because, hey, why not? I’m in my bed on a Saturday afternoon while the sun is shining and I should be hiking, but instead I’m yelling at Emily for being a mega jerk to her maids and at Dean for being a massive manipulator. Ah! What is wrong with me? And why does this show have me all caught up in my feelings?

There are many reasons Gilmore Girls is addictive. Especially for a 20-something girl like myself. First of all, who doesn’t love a good mother-daughter story that is full of friendship, fast talking, and sometimes unnecessary drama? Secondly, Stars Hollow paints a picture of a dreamy, quirky life that anyone would be lucky to experience.

I have compiled 20 thoughts (aka hard opinions) on Gilmore Girls through my re-watching experience to share with you all. Spoiler! There will be spoilers! But it’s an old show, y’all should know what the deal is by now. Here we go!

1 – Dean is not a good boyfriend (or person). One of the first things he tells Rory is how he watches her and knows her schedule. Ok, I know he’s a teenage boy, but that’s creepy. Then he makes her a car, gets all insecure when she doesn’t say “I love you” back, and is a MEGA manipulator when Jess comes around. Oh yeah, then he cheats on his wife with Rory later. I don’t like him. He’s too much of a teenage boy, and sadly, he never seems to grow out of it.

2 – Paris should have been valedictorian at Chilton. Why is it even a plot point that Rory gets to be top of her class after all the episodes we watched where she struggled in so many of classes? I think it’s funny how Paris says it’s fine with her that she did not get to be valedictorian because most of them turn out to be failures later in life, but still, she deserved the title.

3 – Emily needs to let the idea of Lorelai and Christopher go. Call it a plot point or whatever, but Emily continually trying to push together two people who time after time chose not to be together is too much. Yeah, they get married at one point, but it does not go well. Also, season 7 was not real. Oy with the poodles already!

4 – I have no idea how Madeline and Louise became friends with Paris. I would love some backstory. That’s all.

5 – Jess getting attacked by a swan is hilarious. It’s definitely one of the best things that happens to Jess. However, he did not need to be so moody about it when hiding it from Rory at her grandma’s.

6 – Lane’s band is the best part of every episode they’re in. Don’t @ me. I espically love when they go on tour

7 – The first time Kirk appears his name is Mick. This is weird in and of itself, but what’s even weirder is that no one knows who he is. AND in the third episode actor Sean Gunn played “Swan Guy” before he was introduced as the regular and beloved character of Kirk. His character has a lot of plot holes, but he’s so quirky and I love it.

8 – Lorelai’s grandma was known to be dead in season 1 episode 3! But then she magically appears later to be Emily’s worst nightmare. Also, what the heck was her visit that one time to Lorelai’s house where she just looked around for a hot second then leaves? I don’t get it. I’d love any theories y’all may have. Also! The grandma later plays the aunt. Crazy.

9 – Richard and Emily should be proud of their daughter. Frankly, if Lorelai was my kid who left when she was 16 with a baby and she now opened and runs an inn, I’d be hella proud! In my opinion, the only reason they’re still mad at her is because she chose a lifestyle that isn’t centered around money.

10 – Emily is so fake. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m harping on her, I just really can’t stand her. Sometimes she’s funny, but that is a rare occasion. I honestly just don’t like seeing her trying to manipulate situations and then say she has nooo idea why people are mad. However, she does care about her people, she just does it in her own special way. I also love who she becomes in the Netflix special “A Year in the Life.”

11 – WTF happens with Rory? She starts out SO sheltered and grateful, then BOOM she goes to Chilton and starts to love the privileged life. It gets even worse when she goes to Yale and starts to hang out with Logan’s crowd. That’s a whole different discussion though. Also, her arc in the Netflix special is not flattering, nor is it surprising. After all, she did sleep with a married man and now she’s pregnant with an engaged man’s baby (theoretically, the audience isn’t told who the father is).

12 – Michel is a very underrated character. He’s very snarky, witty, and an under-appreciated comedic relief. Sure he’s difficult, but he’s important and beloved.

13 – Speaking of underrated, Sookie is amazing. I don’t think anyone would disagree with me on this one. Did y’all know that the woman who played Drella, the harp lady, was originally going to be cast as Sookie until Melissa McCarthy auditioned? Boy am I glad McCarthy got the role because she’s funny, sweet, and the perfect yin to Lorelai’s yang.

14 – Lane is a saint. She is such a loyal friend to Rory. As the pair get older, Lane is so patient with Rory and spends so much time listening to her best friend complain about all her privileged problems. Lane is also such a good daughter. Sure she rebels against her mom’s way of life, but she still shows up to all the Bible studies, weddings, choir practices, etc. Even when she first moves out to live with her band she checks in with her mom, upholds her moral values, and inquires with others to make sure Mrs. Kim is doing well.

15 – Lorelai read Wild. And then she actually went out to California to hike some of the PCT. This was a crazy plot point to me. First, she strikes me as the type who would have seen the movie not read the book, but she was a die hard ‘book’ type with all the other women at the motel the night before starting the trail. Second, it wasn’t very clear to me what she was searching for in her not so attempted-attempt of the PCT. As random as this was, though, I loved this little storyline.

16 – Luke is too emotional. I get it, he’s been harboring feelings for Lorelai for forever, but that does not mean he’s Rory’s dad in season 1. He totally flips a switch when he finds out Rory is dating Dean and says how much he hates him. Then when Lorelai confides in Luke that Rory’s dropping out of Yale, he starts yelling about how he’s going to follow her around and escort her to classes for the next year. I get it, he’s invested, but for me it’s too much. Also, I don’t understand his relationship with Rachel, I think he’s a huge grump, he never changes, and he just lets Lorelai walk all over him literally for years. I really don’t like him, I know that’s an unpopular decision, but still.

17 – Jess matures the most out of everyone on this show. Starting out as an angsty teen who only cares about music, books, and Rory was cool, even though his general attitude sucked. After he runs away though he grows up so well! He cares about Luke, his dad, and his mom. He gets his life together and does it in his own, unprivileged way. Also, I love how he’s the voice of reason to Rory when he finds out she dropped out of Yale. Team Jess 4ever.

18 – Lorelai’s platter of Pop Tarts in season 1 is revolutionary. I know what kind of mom I want to be now, and it is all thanks to her.

19 – Logan was Rory’s ultimate downfall. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Rory was on a good trajectory before she met Logan, but falling into his social circle does not help. Logan puts her on such an emotional rollercoaster, his family is evil towards her, and if she never met him she never would have stolen a yacht or dropped out of Yale. I’m glad she rejects his proposal, but I was not pleased to see that they were having an affair in the Netflix special.

20 – I wish I could eat like the Gilmore Girls. They’re bottomless pits and manage to stay so skinny! It’s a TV show, I get it, but I still wish I had their super power.

Wow, that took me way longer than I thought it would! But hey, it was fun. Thanks for coming along with me on this journey! I’m curios as to what your thoughts are, too! Please share in the comments!